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Perfectionism is Ruining Your Creativity

Have you ever had a project get completely derailed because you were being too much of a perfectionist?

In this video I talk about how you can stop bowing to perfectionism and become a productive artist. You are in danger of never doing anything creative if you work on one thing forever and never release it. The most prolific artistists know when to abandon their art into the world so they can free themselves up for the next thing.


Stephen Keech is an American producer and film composer based in Nashville, TN. He has been professionally writing and performing music since 2006 when he began his career singing for the band Haste the Day. After years of touring internationally, Stephen settled down in Nashville where he expanded on his passion by producing records and composing original music for film and TV. Stephen has worked with clients such as Mazda, Express, Tractor Supply, Eureka, and Spotify, as well as creating original scores for award winning documentaries such as Revolution Picture's Remand and The Bears on Pine Ridge. Stephen strives to create meaningful and interesting compositions that complement the visual and narrative context of each piece, while invoking an appropriate emotional response.

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