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NEW WORK: Dollar General

Bruton Stroube/Outpost brought me on to compose a custom piece of music for this Dollar General Campaign. They needed something that felt rural without being too country, and the music had to be versatile enough to bridge the gap between the sentimental and comedic aspects of the spot.

I was really thankful they brought me on before the commercial was filmed. We had some time for me to submit several musical ideas for review and we were able to get client approval on the music before we even had an edit. My demo was used as the temp music for the edit, so the final produced score fit perfectly after a few small tweaks. We even reverted back to some of the intimacy of the original acoustic demo because it felt so good with the story and visuals. Adding a little bit of delicate piano gave the piece just enough dimension without distracting from the story.

The whole project came together easily and it was a blast to work with everyone on the team.


Prod Co / @bcwglobal

Agency / @hzdg

Sound Supervisor / @steve_horne_sound

Sound / @coltonjackson_12

Composer / @stephenkeech

Colorist / @briansingler


Stephen Keech is an American producer and film composer based in Nashville, TN. He has been professionally writing and performing music since 2006 when he began his career singing for the band Haste the Day. After years of touring internationally, Stephen settled down in Nashville where he expanded on his passion by producing records and composing original music for film and TV. Stephen has worked with clients such as Mazda, Express, Tractor Supply, Eureka, and Spotify, as well as creating original scores for award winning documentaries such as Revolution Picture's Remand and The Bears on Pine Ridge. Stephen strives to create meaningful and interesting compositions that complement the visual and narrative context of each piece, while invoking an appropriate emotional response.

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