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    Practical, step-by-step planning to achieve your music career goals.

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Us artists love making music. 

But without a label and management you're left to do EVERYTHING yourself. You're expected to record your music, distribute your music, register your music with a PRO, create a marketing plan and content around your music so that you can get heard, and the list goes on and on. 

I can't tell you how many times that I wished I had someone in my corner to help me sort it all out, help me make a plan, give me honest and helpful song feedback, and to keep me accountable through the process. 

Whether you are releasing music as an artist, learning to produce your own music, or trying to get your music heard on films and commercials, I want to help you navigate this labyrinth by demystifying all aspects of the current music industry and work with you to build a personalized plan to help you to achieve your goals in music. 


Helping musicians, songwriters, and producers get to where they want to go. 

Want more info? 

I'm Stephen Keech, 

an American producer and film composer based in Nashville, TN. I have been professionally writing and performing music since 2006, starting my career as the singer for the band Haste the Day. After years of touring internationally, I settled down in Nashville, where I expanded my passion by producing records, composing original music for film and TV, and helping people like you get a head start in this industry. 

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