• When Cale sent me the this script I started writing as soon as I finished it. I would write little melodic lines and send demos to Cale. He would listen to the demos on set as he directed the film. 

  • When the final edit was completed we knew what was working and what wasn’t and I was able to start scoring to picture. 

  • I used a some incredibly talented musicians including a vocalist who’s voice gave the whole score a haunting innocence. 

  • My goal was to not only add depth and suspense to the story but to bring out emotions of the characters that weren’t obvious. 

Written and Directed by Cale Glendening



  • Sam sent me the film almost totally finished with no music. It was really beautiful all the way through before I put even one note of music in the film. So it was really important to me that the score stayed simple throughout and didn’t overtake or change any of the emotions I felt from that first viewing. So I spent a lot of time writing a simple theme that could be developed throughout the 6 minutes of the film. 

  • The film takes place in Tennessee and Sam wanted to stay true to that in the instrumentation by including a pedal steel in the score. I brought in a pedal steel player and we used it in a lot of different and interesting ways. A lot of the scores ambience and textures came from that. 

  • Collaboration between Sam and me was key. Sam came to the studio several times to watch the film and we would fine tune each cue together. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.07.52 PM.png

Written and Directed by Sam Siske





  • My vision for this score was to keep things intimate and gritty to go along with the story. I accomplished this buy recording an old Sohmer & Co upright piano, improvising to the picture and dialog. 

  • The music supports the slow planning creative visuals and helps tell the redemptive story. It is dark in some places and inspiring and hopeful where it needs to be. 

  • Remand won several awards at film festivals across the world.



  • The score for beyond has an otherworldly feel that highlights the incredible wide, slow sweeping movements of the cinematography. 

  • This film also includes a custom written song called “The Train.” 

  • Beyond: Varanasi, India received Vimeo Staff Pick and went viral.